Emotional Connections

When creating a business plan for the entertainment business it is impertinent to remember that the entertainment business is all about the business of monetizing off of emotional connections. A brand name can cause a person to connect with that brand on an emotional level, it can be positive or it could be negative. Before we can connect with a brand on an emotional level, we need to build up the brand itself. 

For my art studios, I think that it is also important to build up a bond with my members, in order to help build that emotional connection. One of the ways I believe that I can build that bond with my members through publishing and distributing their artwork so that it can be shown around the United States. One of the ways to do that is through social media but there are so many social networks nowadays, and according to different sources, each one is the most important to your business then the last one. Now, as a busy sole entrepreneur, who’s faced with time and budget constraints, where do you invest those resources? You can’t be on every network. Well, technically you can, but that will be very inefficient, unproductive and, most likely, unsuccessful. So, how do you find, reach, and refine your ideal target market on social media?

Since today source of marketing happens a lot though social media I want to be able to focus on my target market through social media and traditional means. I plan to do that by publishing and distributing a monthly magazine, physical and digitally, to my members with articles featuring and highlighting an artist from each and every studio. By publishing this magazine I’m allowing my members to stay current with what is happening in the art industry, along with allowing those few members who got selected that month to experience an emotional connection with the company that they will cherish forever. It’s not every day that an artist gets to see their artwork shown in a magazine mentioning them as the artist of the month of that particular studio. By publishing this magazine, I’m giving my members a challenge and a goal to strive for, knowing that the reward is being able to be featured in the studio-wide magazine. 

Since the magazine only happens every month it is also impotent to connect to my different communities though social media, and though social media I can connect all of my art studios though the weekly and biweekly post. In order to be successful with marketing though platforms like Instagram, I must be able to connect to the not only the right communities but also be able to maintain the right followers. Social media platforms like Instagram have more than 300 million users with 90-percent of them being under 35 years of age. This social media outlet is for more than just sharing candid photos of friends and gaining a following. By posting weekly and biweekly content I’m able to stay connect with my target market and members thought a whole different means of communication. Since Instagram is a user-friendly application it’s easy for a business or company to post photos and short videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all at the same time, without ever having to leave the Instagram application. Plus, by creating and developing a posting schedule my company to use on Instagram, I can farther impact my user engagement and experience; because now my followers know when to expect new continent. They will learn over time to rely on my business’s social media accounts to build a whole separate type of emotional connection to the brand. Another beautiful thing about social media is that I am able to see real-time results and reactions.

In my option, digital and traditional marketing is a great way to expand your business. I plan to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase my company’s sales and brand recognition by posting content that is both appealing and relevant to my audience to help build that emotional connection.