A Journey of Mastery

As my time in Full Sail University's Entertainment Business master’s program comes to a close, it is a bittersweet moment. As I reflect back to what we, as a class, have all learned. I realized just how much I have grown and learned in the past twelve months.

In month one expectations were high and a few of us were nervous as to what to expect, in the following months to come. Professor Eric Miles came to the rescue with his option that we shouldn’t just ‘C’ (see) are way forward in life, this is mastery. We should strive and care by showing dedication, innovation, and passion, to pursue are dreams down the road that seems like such a long journey ahead, at the time. For we are masters’ students, now.

In month two we met Professor Steve Adkins, who showed us that there are two type of leaders in this world. Those who are kind, who help and bring up others as they succeed in life, and those who take what they can and will bring others down and burn bridges as they rise through the leadership ranks. We learned that as leaders, we have both traits in us at times.

In month three we met Professor Nick Carver, who showed us that building a team isn’t just about who is on it. It’s about playing to a teams’ strengths and utilizing everyone’s abilities. Along with bonding as a team, and learning how to function as a team though crazy ice-breaker games. This was the first time that our class really came together and we all discovered and learned something new about each other. Like the fact that Justin (a.k.a PuddingWhispers) changes his hair color every month, and Isra is not only a student but is running a growing business (River Bear Studios) outside of class. 

In month four we met Professor Ken DeGilio, who showed us that every business, no matter how small, has a story to tell; including our own.

In month five we met Professor Christopher Woodward, who taught us how to get down to business to defeat the Huns, sorry Disney moment, he taught us finance both business and personal. By the end of his class, we were all seeing numbers everywhere. What’s one plus one, when there is a business to run.

In month six we learned that one of our favorite teachers had left Full Sail. Which caused some negativity amongst my fellow classmates. That negativity continued to grow and we all started to question what we were learning, and why weren’t our classes harder. For a master’s degree, it just seemed to easy, we wanted to get down to business and develop are final business plans already. We wanted a challenge. We wanted month twelve to be here already. Month six is also where we met Professor Kristin Stewart and we learned about web development and digital marketing. Some of us began to work on publishing our very first website to the ‘interwebs’.

In month seven we met Professor Elizabeth Counsman where we learned how to negotiate a business deal so that both parties were happy. Even if at times we didn’t pass go and collect two hundred dollars, we still managed to make a deal that both parties could be content with.

In month eight we met Professor Christine Winn, where we learned how to manage an artist (ex. singer, actor, ect.) and distribute a product. Some of us (not naming names, but myself) who didn’t have a clue as to how the recording art industry is ran, learn quite a lot. Like how a Record and a Label are the same thing, when referring to a company.  We also learned how to relate aspects of our businesses to artist management, and learned about supply and demand.

In month nine we met Professor Cassandra Willard, who made the whole class felt like as if it was a game of “Is it legal? 101”. It was truly a defining moment for some of us as we learned if are dream business idea, is actually legal. Some of us will be having clients sign a lot of waivers and releases of liability.

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In month ten we met Professor Kim Craft where we learn about publishing, because a lot of our business plans include content and creating content, after all, we are in the entertainment business. We are not only defined as entrepreneurs, we are content creators. For we value that emotional connection we have to entertainment.

In month eleven we met Professor Steve Burhoe, and we did a lot of writing. Throughout the master’s program, we have been developing and learning what tools are out there for us to utilize, to run a successful business. It was time, we took our business idea and what we learned these past ten months, and wrote it down. Word by word, and page by page. We saw a plan begin to come together.

In month twelve we met Professor Bill Thompson and we took all of are writing from last month and find tune it again and again until we had a professional business plan. It was time for us to step into the pilot seat and to spread our Full Sail wings. On a Tuesday we got up and pitch our business plans. We expected that nervousness from day one to hit us again, but it did not. For we are business leaders and professionals now. We have a plan and we know we will succeed. For we have put our heart, mind, and soul into this plan; not to give up now. For we had grown up with the force; “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Thanks Yoda, for those wonderful words of wisdom. 

Throughout my time at Full Sail University, I have learned and grown as a business student. Now it is time to go out into the world and put those skills to the test. I still have no clue, where I will go or what my next step in life will be or consists of, and that is okay. For I plan not to just ‘C’ (see) my way forward in life; I plan to go out and be: a content creator, an entrepreneur, and a dreamer.

"To the stars who listen, and the dreams that are answered." - Sarah J. Maas