Let's Get Social

This month in my digital marketing course we are learning about the importance of using social media to market your business. My goal for this course was to better understand the impact social media marketing has on the choices we make day to day. Take Instagram for example; Instagram has more than four hundred million active users and over sixty percent of those users log in daily, making Instagram the second most engaged network after Facebook. Most millennial’s check Instagram three to four times a day.

Three key takeaways that I got from watching Anson Alexander’s course on Instagram for Business was that most business use Instagram to increase their sales, brand recognition, and online presence. Since Instagram is a user friendly application it’s easy for businesses and companies to post photos and short videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all at the same time, without ever having to leave the Instagram application. Plus, by creating and developing a posting schedule for your company’s to use on Instagram, you are then impacting your user engagement and experience; because now your followers know when to expect new continent.

Business can also embed their Instagram photos to their website allowing users easy access to their company’s website, in case users see something that they may want to buy. It’s also a great way for business to link their followers from one social media platform to another. Engagement with business brands on Instagram is also ten times higher than Facebook, fifty-four times higher than Pinterest, and eighty-four times higher than Twitter. If you look at the top one hundred business brands in the world over ninety percent of them have an Instagram account.

Overall, I found that digital marketing is a great way to expand your business. I plan to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase my company’s sales and brand recognition by posting content that is both appealing and relevant to my audience.