Let Me Tell You A Story

This month in my business storytelling and brand development class we are discussing the importance of branding, and the differences between your personal brand and your business brand. The main object of this month’ class was to find and develop the two different brand stories, personal and business; and to not only make sure that you are telling the right story, but also that you are telling the story itself right, hence the business of storytelling. Along with telling you story come the responsibility of making sure that your story is being told and perceived correctly. The last thing you want is for someone to misinterpret your brands story.

One of the main things my instructor asked of us this month was, “If you only have four words to tell your story, what would they be?” In those four little words were you able to establish trust? Were you authentic? And did you manage to show a passion for what it is that you do? The goal was to think about what is the most important thing to you (and your business) and tell that story. The overall objective was to bring to life what is unique about your brand. By creating a compiling story that creates a stronger connection with your customers, and your personal brand.

Overall I plan to use the lessons I’ve learned to father define what my brand is and what it is that my brand stands for.  Once I am satisfied with my results, comes the marketing and making my brand known. Mokokoma Mokhonoana once said, “Marketing is so powerful that it can make even an extremely untalented musician a one-hundred-hits wonder.” Proper marketing has the power to make your brand a household name, it also as the power to destroy you if you let it.